Vertex Gel Pen & Pencil Set


Perfect for the
Artist/Graphic Designer
Vertex Gel Pen with
Comes with (1) 2mm Lead Pencil,
Black Medium Point Ink and
Double Rosewood Display Box



One of our best selling pens and pencil combos.
The Vertex design with its rugged, faceted design and balanced weight makes writing and drawing effortless.
The cap easily posts magnetically onto the nib and back end of the pen without the use of threads.
Pen takes any gel roller-ball refill and comes with medium black gel ink.

The Vertex Pencil is a sophisticated yet rugged pencil that is great for the shop, sketching, drafting or writing.
You’ll love the heavy-duty 2 mm unbreakable lead and smooth lead transmission to make for smooth, rich lines.

Uses 2 mm Lead refills
Comes with its own sharpener and replaceable eraser.

Detailed Pencil Instructions:

Vertex Pencil diagram

  • The pencil operates by clicking on the plunger to extend the lead out.
  • Load new lead by pressing the plunger and inserting 2mm lead through the front tip.
  • To use the eraser, unscrew the plunger to expose the eraser.
  • To sharpen, advance lead about a half an inch, pull plunger out, insert lead into hole and twist.




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